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Iran Builds Rocket in 9 Months– Still No Gays

Iran has built their own unique space rocket, from scratch, in a scant nine months. At least, that is what President Ahmadinejad has announced. Then again, we should all remember that this is the same man who, during a speech at Columbia University last year, stated that Iran does not have gay people within its borders and wondered where Americans had gotten the idea that his nation routinely executed those among its citizenry known to be homosexuals.

Nukes? Nope. Gays? No way.  Cheap 1980s-era 3-D glasses? You Bet!I suppose he is correct depending upon how you look at it. Afterall, Germany (circa World War II) was entirely devoid of Jews if you don’t count those hundreds of thousands of ‘undelcared’ individuals¬† tattooed with serial numbers and forced to work themselves to death in prison camps. But, then again, if you ask Ahmadinejad about those Holocaust victims he will tell you that they don’t exist either.

Is anyone else out there getting more than a little sick of listening to these moronic blow-hards, who have weaseled their way into a position of power in some 3rd world sandbox, continually spit lies and accusations into the face of America and the rest of the Western World?  With people like Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Hugo Chavez, and Saddam Hussein constantly testing to see just how far America can be pushed before snapping, however, I find it odd that we do not bomb another nation back to the stone-age on a weekly basis. (One thing we can be sure of, Saddam and his idiot sons have played their last game of brinksmanship with the West.)

These dictators lie, villify, and slander our leaders, our people, and our way of life every chance they get and we remain silent lest we be further bedeviled by the world at large. Chavez nationalized foriegn oil companies (like Citgo,) took the money to prop up his own dictatorship, and then came to America and said our elected leader is “Satan.” Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad constantly claim to have no weapons-related nuclear programs and then refuse to allow this fact to be verified. This sounds shockingly similar to the tactics used by Saddam Hussein prior to his fall from power and consequent short-drop into the unknown. As one of Saddam’s top advisor’s recently noted, the practice of denying any weapons programs on the world stage and then refusing to permit verification of this claim was a tactic to make it appear as though Iraq was lying about existing nuclear, biological, and/or chemical weapons operations in order to appear more stalwart in the eyes of Iran and other rival nations in the Middle East.

I know they have got a lot of sand in which to stick their heads over there in the Middle East but these idiots better wise up pretty quickly or start praying for some stronger candidates out of the Democratic party because I am sure that a President McCain is not going to take too much of their saber-rattling before he introduces them to Allah and their precious virgins.


An Inconvenient Truth: The Ray Gun

So apparently American is insane, in more ways than one.

First, we created a ray-gun. That’s right, a weapon that shoots an invisible beam of energy that gives the target “the sensation that his skin is on fire.” Quite the sensation, I’m sure.

Then, we decide not to use the ray-gun. We spend a decade developing this thing and then bury it in some back closet like so much Michael Vick memorabilia. This is, in large part, out of the fear that this new weapon will be likened to torture.

The ray-gun, however, was developed as non-lethal tech. It is designed to give our military, the ability to disperse large crowds, often consisting largely of peaceful demonstrators, from a distance when danger arises without being forced to fire their rifles into the mob.

Sure it gives you the sensation that your skin is on fire; but I bet that will sure get the insurgent to drop his weapon and the homicide bomber to take his finger off the button.

Ray-gun, baby. RAY-GUN!

The ray-gun (or “Active Denial System,” if you don’t want to sound cool) works by firing directed waves (95 GHz) of electromagnetic radiation, exciting the water molecules in the outer 1/64″ of the target’s epidermis. While this does not burn the skin, it causing the aforementioned ‘burning sensation’ reportedly akin to having a hot light-bulb pressed against one’s skin. The effects, however, also reportedly diminish immediately upon exiting the targeted waves.

Sounds a lot tamer than tear gas and tasers to me. A whole lot cooler too. Just think of the psychological effect of having this used on you for the first time. You see some soldiers on a Humvee aiming a satellite dish at you and, before you can squeeze off that first round from your AK-47, your skin suddenly starts burning and you are writhing in pain on the ground. Suddenly, all the pain is gone and the Americans with the ray-gun are laughing themselves silly from 300 yards away.

Torture or not, I think I am going to stop messing with the guys with the ray-gun. Afterall, Ronald Reagan did a pretty good job dealing with those commies, maybe it is time for a new Ray-Gun administration in America.

(Sorry folks, couldn’t help myself.)

Do the Right Thing

Why do these people continue to act as they do?

The Taliban, in their latest attempt at diplomacy by way of terrorism, announced that they would release two of the 21 South Korean hostages in the near future. The two female hostages are ‘sick’ and will allegedly be set free as a result. Putting aside the fact that local leaders have expressed serious doubts as to the validity of the claim, the Taliban is still insisting upon the release of 21 terrorists from Afghani prisons. That isn’t intelligent bargaining even for kidnapping thugs.

Let us not forget that the reason why there are currently 21 South Korean hostages, and not 23, is because their captors shamefully executed two of the members of the kidnapped church group weeks ago. If you abduct 23 people in an overt attempt to gain the release of an equal number of your captive brothers, and then kill two because the negotiations are not going to your liking, you don’t get to just ask for the release of 21 of your original group. If these scumbags are going to resort to thug tactics like kidnapping an innocent church group then they should expect the people with whom they bargain to act in kind. You kill two of your prisoners, we kill two of ours; now we each have 21 left to bargain with– your move, Osama.

The sad answer to my original question is all too clear though. The murdering terrorists continue to kidnap innocent foreigners because the foreign governments continue to give in to their demands (to one degree or another.) In the case in question, the people negotiating for the release of the South Koreans even alluded to paying a monetary ransom en lieu of releasing the Al Qaeda militants. So they abduct, torture, and murder two-dozen people and South Korean pays them off for their trouble.

Hasn’t anyone else noticed that they aren’t kidnapping the American journalists and civilians anymore? There is no reason because they know they best thing they will get out of it is a week of coverage on FoxNews and a lot more Americans pissed off at their thug tactics.

There is a reason why America’s iron-clad ‘no negotiation’ policy works in cases of kidnappings and terrorism. It is not always the easiest route to take but it ultimately deters terrorism for ransom in the only feasible way; it eliminates the goal of taking a hostage in the first place. You cannot get blood from a stone and America’s model is the stalwart rock of which the rest of the world should take serious note.

South Korea is going through a dark time right now but they should not give in to the likes of a deposed terrorist regime trying to regain their political stranglehold with more of the same terrorism. This is not some one-time occurrence where a mugger takes your wallet at knife-point; this is a recurring system of extortion by terror and the only way to prevent the ugly result is to eliminate the motivation for it. South Korea, and all nations whose people fall victim to these cowardly thugs, have the power to stop this trend.

Do the right thing.

Terrorists Elect Not to Sue- Sort Of

What a gregarious move by the legal team of the six men who are suing for discrimination after their suspicious actions on an airplane caused them to be pulled off. Apparently, they have decided to no longer pursue legal action against the passengers who mentioned their actions to authorities so that they can focus on their civil case against the airline and police.

Let me set the scene for you:

  • Six Muslim men (imams as it turned out) purchase tickets on a U.S Airways flight; half of them are one-way tickets.

Nothing overly suspicious so far.

  • Several of them are perform what are described as “loud” Muslim prayers in the terminal before their flight.

Okay, it is part of their religion and should not overly alarm most air-travelers.

  • Most of the imams request ‘seat-belt extenders,’ typically used to accommodate the obese, in spite of having no need for them.


  • The six position themselves evenly spread throughout the plane; two near the front, two in the middle, two near the rear.

Come to think of it, that does sound familiar.

  • Although none were apparently seated directly adjacent to one another, one Arabic-speaking passenger reported hearing the group mention Saddam Hussein and criticize the U.S. involvement in Iraq while they spoke loudly in Arabic.

Excuse me, stewardess! Is my ticket refundable?

Okay, so these guys were not terrorists; but every passenger who reported them, along with the flight crew and police they alerted should all be commended, not prosecuted, for their actions that day.

These six imams stepped into the public eye and did everything they could to set off every red-flag in order to get themselves ‘racially profiled.’ These men are not stupid; they knew that a case like this will set legal precedent in the new amalgam of Homeland Security and the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act; a precedent which may be set in their favor.

If they were to win, it would eliminate the few teeth our nation’s rapidly decaying front-line in air security/defense has in avoiding another 9/11, so-called ‘racial profiling’ and a little vigilance among the citizenry.

Al Qaeda Rolls Out Hot New Look for Summer!

Ladies…just in time for Ramadan (actually several months early,) it’s the Burqini!

That’s right, now even the most extreme zealots can swim in style with the world’s first bikini for Muslim women. Whether it’s a day at the beach or an afternoon relaxing by the pool, now Islamic women can do either and run only a moderate to high risk that they will be stoned to death for being so disrespectful. Not to mention that with those sexy tan-lines you’ll develop around your face, wrists, and ankles you will be the envy of, well… no one because that’s as much skin as you will ever show in Islamic society.


I noticed that the Burqini comes in three different styles- slim-, modest-, and (my personal favorite) active-fit. Just how ‘active’ can a woman consider herself to be when she has to wear something that looks like this even to go for a swim or relax at the beach?

Certainly the ‘active’ aspect of it is not intended to ease a Muslim woman’s transition from poolside relaxation to anything as radical as suffrage or any semblance of equal rights as these are still forbidden under Sha’ria law in many Islamic nations (in spite of their stunning advances in penitent swimwear.) More likely, it is designed for today’s jihadist on-the-go who just cannot find the time to change clothes between the morning swim and the afternoon homicide bombing.

Maybe we could get Victoria’s Secret working on something sexy for these ladies to wear to bed. Full-body multi-layered teddies, bras and panties emblazoned with the crescent moon, the homicide-bomber garter-belt, etc. They could call it ‘Islam-gerie’ and then instantly kill any woman seen purchasing it for her insolence.

Terror Threat Level : Yellow American

Great; this is just great.

First it was the knives and box-cutters they said “No” to on the plane– Fine; it made sense.

Then I was taking my shoes off because some moron who looks like Bullwinkle Moose tried to light his Nike’s on fire–Deal with it; a small price to pay for a beloved cartoon character.

richard_reid_1.jpg Must’ve got the wrong shoes, Rock! bullwinkle.jpg

Then it was the liquids, gels, creams, and pretty much anything else of mine that the TSA guys want and which I cannot scientifically prove to be in either a solid or gaseous state– Whatever; you can have the last two ounces of my root beer and the foot deodorizing cream. The general public has to draw the lines somewhere though and, personally, I draw it at cheese.

Yes indeed, cheese seems to be the latest in the terrorists repertoire of aviation smuggle-ables and, if the past five years have provided us with any indication, will soon be the latest casualty in Al Qaeda’s unending struggle to plague the Western world’s commercial air-travelers with an ever-increasing number of minor inconveniences.


Evidence of Al Qaeda’s new weapons cache- somewhere deep inside in Switzerland.

Since late September 2006, America’s crack-squad of nearly high-school educated TSA security screeners have intercepted passengers carrying: two ice packs filled with a clay and encased in duct-tape; checked baggage with a plastic bag (apparently this would-be terrorist didn’t realize you only need the quart-sized bags for carry-on) which contained 9-volt batteries, wires, and a block of “brown clay-like minerals” and pipes; as well as a several dairy aficionados carrying everything ranging from metal coils to electrical switches to cell phone chargers- all wired or somehow attached to various blocks of cheese.

Apparently those crafty jihadists have figured out that cheese looks similar to certain explosive materials under x-ray scrutiny as well as providing a tasty in-flight snack once you remove the 9-volts and duct-tape.

I do not mean to make light of some of the real American losses from international terrorism. Obviously the knife ban is a result of the tragedy of 9/11 and there are probably very few who who have voiced any opposition to this policy.

The liquid/cream/gel fiasco was all due to an attempt, foiled months before the conspirators were to take action, to sneak gelatinous explosives onto an airliner. Thankfully no one was ever in any real danger but the resulting ban did cause numerous airport businesses, past their respective security check-points, to shut-down permanently. This was a hit to American business and free enterprise, but isn’t there a point where we have to stop the blanket prohibition of everyday items or run the risk of permanently losing our personal rights as Americans?

Wouldn’t it be a more logical approach to play the odds on this one? (Not like Tim Donaghy did.) The handful of idiots (they were conspiring with federal agents) who would have attempted to get a gel explosive past the TSA represent a minuscule fraction of a minority of the people who bring liquids, etc. on U.S. flights each day, month, year, whatever.

Not that one explosive getting through is acceptable, but how about focusing on a much better bet in the terrorist department. Rather than checking everyone with a tube of Colgate, how about focusing on groups of people like Arabs, Muslims, or Arab-Muslims since virtually every terrorist act in the past four decades in America and abroad has been conceived, planned, and carried out by members of one of these groups.

Note that the article listed above makes no mention of the ethnicity, home-nation, or religious fanaticism of choice of those attempting to sneak these ‘fake-bombs’ through security. The writer is, in fact, specifically ambiguous when it comes to addressing whether they were American citizens vs. foreign nationals stating simply that each suspicious package was carried by a ‘couple’ or a ‘U.S. person’ which is quickly defined as “either a citizen or foreigner legally here.”

Perfect! There is another piece of intel for the ‘racial profiling’ notes. The suspected terrorists are, as they were on 9/11 and virtually every subsequent attempt, legally here. So people who are rightfully here are just as likely (or perhaps more-so) to attempt to launch terrorist attacks on our air travel industry. But I’ll bet you Dinars to doughnuts that every one of these geniuses trying to board a flight with a couple 9-volt batteries lashed to a block of Gouda would have been caught in the oppressive net of ‘racial profiling’ long before they ever found the cheese-shop.