Slovenian Chicken Risotto–It’s made of PEOPLE!

Be careful when dining in the hospital cafeteria in Izola, Slovenia… or perhaps you should be more careful as a patient at this hospital since you might just end up on the cafeteria anyway.

A doctor recently sent a mysterious piece of meat, which he found in the cafeteria’s chicken risotto, away for testing after adamantly decrying it not to be chicken.  Indeed the doc was correct and the secret ingredient, in this case, turned out to be a human tongue.  The hospital brass believes it is possible that a doctor could have, “unwittingly dropped the tongue in the food after treating a patient.”


No, this doesn’t look good at all.  A clear case of Beef Wellington if I have ever seen one.

First of all, the term ‘treating the patient’ is a bit euphemistic here, don’t you think?  It was a human tongue!  He was not treating a patient; he was cutting someone’s tongue off!  All that aside, why would he take it with him?  I know Slovenia probably is not the archetype of medical science or hygiene but why would a doctor pocket a tongue and go to lunch with it.  The only possible reason that I can see for it, would be to do exactly what he did, and put it into the chicken risotto.

The most shocking line of the whole story for me, however, was not the bit above about how the management thinks a doctor could have unknowingly dropped a patient’s tongue into the daily special, but rather the spin from the hospital’s spokesman, “I can say clearly that we never used patients’ parts in any of our dishes.”

…but one of your own doctors just proved that you had human tongue in the chicken risotto.  So, unless this guy is implying that he knows the source of the human tongue and that it came from someone who was not a patient, I think I would say with crystal clarity that they have used patients’ parts in their dishes (at least once.)  And hey, when it happens once, can we ever really be sure it won’t happen again?  I am not sure how appetizing the idea of chicken risotto from the cafeteria in a Slovenian hospital sounds to begin with, and that before you learn that there might be a human tongue in it.

I’ll stick with Chinese food… at least then I can be sure what kind of meat I am eating: cat (or kitten if it’s the really good stuff.)


Mmm… Free-range Mu-Shu Pork!


7 responses to “Slovenian Chicken Risotto–It’s made of PEOPLE!

  1. Actually, Healthcare in the Republic of Slovenia is cutting edge and remains at one of the top in the world; it actually beats US Health Care. Don’t act as if bizarre incidents like this don’t happen in US hospitals, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t not judge our health care system by one incident, and stereotypically denounce Slovenes or Slovenian hospitals as having poor hygiene because this is not the case.

  2. Check the tags for the post, buddy. This is filed under ‘humor’ and not under ‘factual representations of a nation’s health-care system.’

    Moreover, in what way does your country’s health system ‘beat’ that of mine? I did not realize we were competing. Even without any knowledge of Slovenia’s hospitals, I think I can say with relative certainty that your nation can’t hold a candle to the U.S. in health-care. I’m sure your nation has many nice qualities but I have serious doubts about any country that operates under a government-run social health-care system (just ask all the Canadians who cross into America so they don’t die awaiting basic medical care.)

    By the way, congrats on shrugging off the Communist shackles.

  3. i think holding a gun at a cut is roung and putting it on the web sorry if that was dead i would a rest him

  4. thats mean!! *cries* poor kitty!!

    poor kitten he might be having a heart attak….

  6. that pooor little kitty had no where to run LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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