At least we’ve got that iridescent cat problem taken care of…

How do we know when the biological science community is possibly not focusing its attention in the right areas? I would say that their recent creation of several glowing cats would be a good indicator.


South Korean ‘researchers’ (I’m not entirely sure what they were researching) have modified the genes of a cat who went on to deliver a litter of kittens; and the kittens glow under ultraviolet light. The photo above shows two cats under a UV light; the normal cat appears greenish due to the color of the light, the genetically altered feline (or, if you prefer, ‘freak cat’) gives off an iridescent red glow.

Aside from the implied scientific merit of this achievement, I was wondering marketability such a puss might possess. All it seems to do is glow under a specific wave of light. The only products I can think of like that are kept in the back of Spencer Gifts. They have posters and candles and paper-weights that all glow under black-light. Come to think of it, they sell glowing paint there too. I could just use that on the cat and forget screwing around with genetic code altogether.

blacklight_paint_set.jpg + cat.jpg = PARTY TIME!

So, there may be more than one way to not only skin a cat but to make it black-light sensitive as well.


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