Goat Saves Plane, Dies in the Name of Appeasement

In what some would consider to be an unusual step, the Nepalese state airline recently sacrificed two goats in an effort to restore a decrepit commuter aircraft. The goats met their divine fate in an attempt to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, and thus restore an aging 757 to a safer operating status.

I am not one to call into question the effectiveness of animal sacrifice (and certainly not one to doubt the wrath of a sky god) but a standard pre-flight check and general aircraft maintenance regimen would certainly make me fly a little easier than the spilling of goat blood.

Nor am I usually one to applaud the efforts of America’s government-run regulatory agencies but I believe that the FAA does a pretty bang-up job when it comes to airline safety. Although, to be fair, I have never heard what kind of numbers the FAA puts up in the hoofed-animals sacrifice department so I suppose we cannot judge too hastily.

Afterall, I found a picture if Akash Bhairab:

Someone find a goat and a knife–quick!


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