Well that was fast.

What had appeared to be several long months or years of Michael Vick ‘clearing his name’ in the court and media came to an abrupt halt yesterday as it was announced that the quarterback would plead guilty to the charges against him. At least Vick is smart enough to listen to his legal team and know when he is licked.



This was the only halfway intelligent move Vick could have made at this point. His thin sliver of hope at retaining his NFL career was rapidly diminishing (given that he was also facing gambling charges) and, as even Vick’s most vocal supporters were espousing, his chances at trial were pathetic given the public outcry already unleashed against him.

So, as the Vick drama is seemingly all over but the sentencing, I am left with questions. I do not condone dog-fighting or other activities of that ilk but neither do I believe that fighting dogs should necessarily warrant as much as five years in the clink. Afterall, the case here is over mistreatment of animals, and people seem to get off a lot easier in many cases for abusing and murdering other people.

Remember Kids, Like Russell says…

I recognize that these are animals which are bred and raised specifically to meet their inevitable violent death–granted. But then again, so are beef cattle (to a certain extent.) The lobsters we order for $10/lb have drawn a similar lot in life, don’t you think. But I digress from my previous point– I am left with questions.

Why kill the losing or feeble dogs in such a cruel fashion? Why electrocute, drown, or even hang a dog? Each seems an overly-involved and overly-dangerous way to do away with an unwanted animal. Moreover, it’s not like the other dogs are going to ‘get the message’ here. These are not kidnapees or POWs; they are dogs! We hang humans because it makes for an easy and graphic means of dispature of someone over which we already have corporeal control. I cannot imagine the process of hanging a pit-bull that has been bred for mortal combat to be a very easy one.

These are the offenses of Michael Vick which most anger me. If you breed dogs for violence, and they fail in that end, why needlessly brutalize them further in death? These are not rhetorical questions; I would honestly like some feedback on this. The only logical benefit I can see Vick and his cronies deriving from this cruelty is some sick psychological pleasure in killing these animals in such a fashion.

Ah, what the hell… Just fry him.


One response to “Con-Vick

  1. I think your article is looking for logic where none exists….

    If there is anything good about the Michael Vick story, it is that there is an emerging increased awareness about animal cruelty and animal fighting. There is so much anger about this issue. If we channel it into a positive direction, hopefully, something good can come of it. However…

    I watched Vick’s public apology with my little son who USED TO wear Michael Vick jerseys to school. It is disturbing to think a certain percentage of the population is honestly going to be swayed by Michael Vick’s “enlightenment” carefully crafted by his overpaid attorneys. Call me a cynic, but I don’t believe a man who has been allegedly torturing animals since childhood coincidentally has a religious epiphany as a result of getting caught and losing his job. I hope I am wrong.

    I think it is a sad commentary that we, as a culture, are using the Vick story to compare “What’s worse?” “What’s worse”, we ask, “carelessly fathering illegitimate children, or dogfighting?”. “Dogfighting or gambling?” “Dogfighting or rape?” “Dogfighting or racism?” “Dogfighting or hateful nationalism?” “Dogfighting or (fill in the blank)….?” The comparisons to dogfighting have been endless.

    Dogfighting is one more piece of evidence our country is in need of a spiritual transformation (please note I said spiritual and not necessarily religious). Animals are sentient beings – they feel pain, and they suffer, just like we do. They are not more important, or less important than human beings, but like human beings, they are important, too.

    Dogfighting pits one dog against another until one of them dies. The survivor gets his flesh torn off, ears ripped off, eyes pulled out, etc., and the reward for being “a winner” is to writhe in pain until the next fight. Enough said. The pictures make my flesh crawl. The losers are tortured, beaten, starved, electrocuted or drowned. For what? Because these poor creatures were unlucky enough to be born a dog!

    Every major faith teaches its followers to be responsible stewards of animals and the Earth. Please help us get the word out that caring for animals, just like caring for people, is an important part of just being a decent person and citizen. If we make this a priority, there will be no more dogfighting horror stories, and no more pointless comparisons of evils. Let us all rise, together, to be better people than we are today, shall we?

    Chaplain Nancy Cronk

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