Dog Bites Vick

Well things continue to look worse and worse for dear old Michael Vick. The remaining two of Vick’s three co-defendants yet to cop a plea bargain did just that last week and have now admitted their guilt in the dog-fighting ring. Vick now stands as the sole hold-out in the court and, with his buddies now building the state’s case against him, the former NFL star looks to stand even less chance of beating this rap than his Atlanta Falcon’s do at making this year’s NFL playoffs lead by Joey Harrington.All this, of course, comes just a week after Nike and Reebok yanked all of their Vick-related shoes and jerseys from store shelves and effectively ended any future compensation from their respective contracts with the star. Michael Vick’s collectibles will also be absent from at least two of the major trading-card companies’ future offerings (we are told that the stick of gum in each pack, however, will still be present– hard and unpalatable as always.)

Never fear, those of you who still need to see Vick’s grinning mug on some mundane object in your everyday lives, because there is still one piece of Vickvickschewtoy2.jpg merchandise available on the open market. In spite of, or rather in response to, Vick’s fall from grace we are lucky enough to bear witness to the launch of a new era in commercialized crap– the Michael Vick doggy chew-toy.

Now your very own dog can do the job that Michael Vicks’ parents clearly never did and beat some sense into this moron. For just $10.99 (plus S&H) you too can watch as your Shih-Tzu exacts its toothy Cujo-esque revenge (once the several weeks of back-orders are processed anyway.)

So while you may no longer find Vick jerseys and t-shirts lining the shelves of your local store, the American quest for the almighty dollar continues. One man has lost his fortune and fame; Nike, Reebok, and their ilk are out millions of dollars on merchandise which will never sell; and the city of Atlanta is without its star quarterback. Yet the money is still flowing somewhere and, as is so often the case in America, it is the enterprising, inventive individuals who reap the benefits.


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