Snakes (Almost) On a Plane

A Saudi man was recently stopped by Cairo airport security due to some suspicious readings given off when his luggage passed through the x-ray scanner. The Egyptian TSA agents opened the man’s carry-on bags to find a number of living snakes, chameleons, and baby crocodiles wriggling inside.

The man’s explanation for this… he was unaware that a ban on bringing such creatures aboard international flights exists. Of course, who among us has never encountered that amusing scenario where you are flying home for Thanksgiving and remove your keys, shoes, liquids, gels, etc. only to remember that your pet monitor lizard is asleep in your laptop bag? Apparently this guy was bringing the animals back to a Saudi university to be used as test subjects (I assume in a lab or to bolster the curve for mid-term grades.) In the end the security agents confiscated the animals and gave them to the zoo after letting their previous owner board his flight home as scheduled.


 Saudi-Air’s newest safety card.

The most shocking aspect of this story though is that the reason this was seemingly no big deal is that this was not a rare occurrence. In May, another Saudi was caught at the same airport with his carry-on stuffed with 700 live snakes! Those snakes were apparently going to be sold as pets and conversation pieces according to that air-traveler.  If it was me though, I think I would have told them it was just a daring homage to my favorite Samuel L. Jackson film.


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