Do the Right Thing

Why do these people continue to act as they do?

The Taliban, in their latest attempt at diplomacy by way of terrorism, announced that they would release two of the 21 South Korean hostages in the near future. The two female hostages are ‘sick’ and will allegedly be set free as a result. Putting aside the fact that local leaders have expressed serious doubts as to the validity of the claim, the Taliban is still insisting upon the release of 21 terrorists from Afghani prisons. That isn’t intelligent bargaining even for kidnapping thugs.

Let us not forget that the reason why there are currently 21 South Korean hostages, and not 23, is because their captors shamefully executed two of the members of the kidnapped church group weeks ago. If you abduct 23 people in an overt attempt to gain the release of an equal number of your captive brothers, and then kill two because the negotiations are not going to your liking, you don’t get to just ask for the release of 21 of your original group. If these scumbags are going to resort to thug tactics like kidnapping an innocent church group then they should expect the people with whom they bargain to act in kind. You kill two of your prisoners, we kill two of ours; now we each have 21 left to bargain with– your move, Osama.

The sad answer to my original question is all too clear though. The murdering terrorists continue to kidnap innocent foreigners because the foreign governments continue to give in to their demands (to one degree or another.) In the case in question, the people negotiating for the release of the South Koreans even alluded to paying a monetary ransom en lieu of releasing the Al Qaeda militants. So they abduct, torture, and murder two-dozen people and South Korean pays them off for their trouble.

Hasn’t anyone else noticed that they aren’t kidnapping the American journalists and civilians anymore? There is no reason because they know they best thing they will get out of it is a week of coverage on FoxNews and a lot more Americans pissed off at their thug tactics.

There is a reason why America’s iron-clad ‘no negotiation’ policy works in cases of kidnappings and terrorism. It is not always the easiest route to take but it ultimately deters terrorism for ransom in the only feasible way; it eliminates the goal of taking a hostage in the first place. You cannot get blood from a stone and America’s model is the stalwart rock of which the rest of the world should take serious note.

South Korea is going through a dark time right now but they should not give in to the likes of a deposed terrorist regime trying to regain their political stranglehold with more of the same terrorism. This is not some one-time occurrence where a mugger takes your wallet at knife-point; this is a recurring system of extortion by terror and the only way to prevent the ugly result is to eliminate the motivation for it. South Korea, and all nations whose people fall victim to these cowardly thugs, have the power to stop this trend.

Do the right thing.


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