Michael and Marcus Vick: A Good Case for Dual Fratricide

Well maybe that is coming off a little hard on Marcus. Afterall, the only thing he has ever been guilty of is plying underage girls with alcohol, statutory rape, sexual battery, fraud, numerous counts of driving under the influence of various illicit substances, and pulling a hand-gun on a some teenagers in a McDonald’s parking lot (that last one was within a week of baby Vick’s being dismissed from Virginia Tech after racking up nearly as many police bookings as he did touchdowns during his distinguished career at that institute of higher learning.)

In spite of all that I suppose Marcus can breathe a sigh of relief this week as he apparently no longer holds the “Bad Boy” title in the Vick family. I still doubt it will help his odds in the NFL. Indeed it seems a bevy of DUIs and various other unsavory acts apparently pales in the court of public opinion when juxtaposed with animal abuse.

Personally, I think Michael Vick is a human piece of trash but the whole animal abuse thing seems blown way out of proportion. Why is it that people are so quick to jump on the dog-fighting issue? I agree that it is inhuman; but so are dogs.

I do not support or even condone dog fighting but the majority of society seems to imagine dog fights where their toy poodle is being pitted against the neighbors slobbering idiot Golden Retriever. The truth is that the dogs in these fights are massive, fanged beasts which have been bred to fight and kill. That does not make the situation any better but it does seem that so many of these people who would label dog-fighters as the most vile filth of the earth are the very same people who would not allow you to move into their community with your docile, pet pit-bull no matter how cute, cuddly, and good-with-the-kids as he may be.

Michael Vick is a scumbag partially because he is an animal-abusing low-life but predominantly because he is blind to his own success. This man was born into a dirt-poor family living in a Southern housing project and yet he rose to become one of the highest-paid, most highly-touted talents in the American athletic pantheon. He achieved great things despite his humble beginning yet was unable to maintain the most basic semblance of human decency required to retain this status.

Once you have reached the elite plateau in American society that Michael Vick had, all you really need to do play damage control and maintain what you have. The fans who made him the star he is are fine with a certain degree of debauchery; just don’t be an idiot about it.

Michael Vick is a piece of trash because he has lived and rebuked the American dream and now he expects unmittigated absolution for his misdeeds. The real lesson he will learn here is that, no matter what happens in the legal system, the court of public opinion in America is far harsher in its rulings and a great deal more influential when it comes to one’s ability to earn and retain wealth when you make your living off the sweat of your ego.


2 responses to “Michael and Marcus Vick: A Good Case for Dual Fratricide

  1. If he’s not careful, he’ll be nominated for MVP.

  2. If you are Mike Vick and your mother says to you, “Boy, why couldn’t you be more like Marcus?”, you know you’re in trouble.

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